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[Aug. 14th, 2004|10:11 pm]
Lovely Hair


Name: Rachael

Describe your hair (thickness, colour, etc.): My hair is some shade of brown. People who have only seen me in pictures say it's reddish, as do a few who have met me in person; but I'd categorize it more toward the ash range. It's not thin, neither is it terribly thick. It's naturally straight, for the most part, though if I let it be, it dries with some very slight wave. It feels very soft, but I wouldn't call it "fine." A stylist once said I had coarse hair, but I don't think it's coarse either; I'd put it somewhere in between.

What do you usually "do" with your hair (styling, etc.)?: I wet my hair with lukewarm water; shampoo, mostly on the scalp; rinse; use conditioner, but only on the hair below the ears; rinse again, this time with cold water. (Brr!) I let it air dry, for the most part, but when I'm in a hurry, I use a blow dryer, on the cool setting.

Do you have any problems/annoyances with your hair?: I wish it were longer, but I'm working on that. I've always wished to have darker hair, even black. I'd also love to have curly or wavier hair, but I'm not too upset that I don't.

Favorite hair care products: I like V05 "Sheer Hairdressing" anti-frizz creme. It feels really nice.

Most valuable thing you've discovered for your hair care routine: Using cool or cold water and not using the dryer on hot! My hair looks and feels ever so much better this way.