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Introducing Heather's hair. [Aug. 16th, 2004|08:55 am]
Lovely Hair
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[music |A pastor on the radio...]

Name: Heather

Describe your hair (thickness, colour, etc.): My hair is thick, long, medium dark brown, and partly wavy/partly straight. Oh yeah, I forgot! I have natural red highlights in my hair.

What do you usually "do" with your hair (styling, etc.)?: I usually wear it down, but occasionally will wear it in a ponytail if I'm hot, or in a braid for special occasions.

Do you have any problems/annoyances with your hair?: Currently, it gives me headaches because it is so long and thick... I'm really thinking of getting it cut quite short... hopefully it will look good on me... but then I'm going to miss my long hair! :( *sigh* what to do....

Favorite hair care products: I like to use the Infusium 23 (sp? I can't get to the bottle right now.) shampoo on my hair. My hair likes shampoo, but not conditioner these days - conditioner makes it too greasy - so I don't use it that often.

Most valuable thing you've discovered for your hair care routine: I can't really think of anything.

(I posted this in my personal journal by mistake.) :)